SPIRIT RS FBL Unit (with integrated JETI receiver)
  • SPIRIT RS FBL Unit (with integrated JETI receiver)
  • SPIRIT RS FBL Unit (with integrated JETI receiver)
  • SPIRIT RS FBL Unit (with integrated JETI receiver)
  • SPIRIT RS FBL Unit (with integrated JETI receiver)
  • SPIRIT RS FBL Unit (with integrated JETI receiver)

SPIRIT RS FBL Unit (with integrated JETI receiver)

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Spirit RS - Everything in the exceptional package. Flybarless and stabilisation unit with integrated DUPLEX receiver.

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Spirit RS is brand new stabilisation system for R/C aircrafts featuring control unit and receiver in one extraordinary packageǃ

It combines the best available technologies from both worlds to offer cutting edge experience. In other words, Spirit RS consists from Spirit 2 hardware and JETI Duplex receiver.

Manual available at the Wiki pages.


  • Very rigid, CNC milled, anodized and sandblasted enclosure
  • Color: Red and Black, matt
  • Material:  High quality AL6061-T6
  • Dimension: 36.8x27.15x15.8mm, weight: 22g
  • Power supply: 3.2 - 10V @ 55mA
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to 60°C
  • Latest generation, Ultra Fast
    32bit ARM processor: 210 DMIPS
  • MEMS sensor with 12-Axis Sensor Fusion
    (rotation to 2000°/s !)
  • Gold plated PCB with Pb-Free soldering
  • Laser Engraved labels for perfect visibility.
  • 2x independent telemetry ports for JETI DUPLEX sensors
  • 3x connector for power supply, 4x for servos
  • All-pin protection
  • Redundant internal power chain for maximum safety
  • Excessive tolerance for brown-outs
  • Embedded JETI DUPLEX 2.4 Ghz Telemetry Receiver
  • 2x 20cm Full-range antennas
  • Max. output power: 15 dBm
  • Receiver sensitivity: -106 dBm

Package content

  • Spirit RS unit
  • USB interface
  • Bind plug
  • 10cm 3M VHB doublesided adhesive tape


  • 2 year warranty for the original purchaser
  • 50% discount for damage replacement of the unit


  • Super-smooth flight control
  • Paddle simulation with inexpressible feeling
  • Classic flybar mechanics support
  • Extreme vibration immunity for all helicopter types
  • Spectrum analysis for model diagnostics
  • Flight log with recorded events
  • Easy configuration with setup wizard
  • Smartphone or tablet support via Bluetooth and WiFi
    (Modules are sold separately)
  • Full integration and telemetry with JETI DUPLEX
  • Supported by all JETI DUPLEX radios
  • Support for all JETI DUPLEX sensors
  • Support for backup DUPLEX receiver
  • Support for JETIBOX
  • Support for ESC Telemetry - HobbyWing, Kontronik,
    Castle, YGE, Scorpion
  • Revolutionary GeoLink support (GPS/GNSS, vario, logger)
  • Available for Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, iOS,
    WP, SailfishOS, FreeBSD, Raspberry Pi and more
  • Stabilisation for scale pilots and beginners
  • Reliable, full-featured rescue system
  • Integrated Bank Switching
  • Governor for Electric, Nitro and Gasser Helicopters
  • BEC tester with load verification
  • Spirit Aero support (from 1.5.0 Aero firmware)
  • Support for all servo types:
    1520/960/760us @ 50 - 560Hz
  • Support for CCPM 90/120/135/140°
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